CCG is a professional home security systems design firm specializing in aiding engineering and architectural firms integrate security systems into the planning stages of building. We also troubleshoot for homes and businesses who need to protect themselves from breaches in security. We provide reliable information regarding the options and availability of security resources. We have been involved in the security marketplace for over 20 years and we strive to become one of the top security consultants in the US.

Thieves and other criminals may have designs on breaching the security of your home or business. We do know something the thieves also know: criminals want their task to be as easy as possible. Our job is to make it harder and that means someone with bad intentions for your property might just decide to leave it alone.

What We Do

We are an expert service offering quality security consultation. Our firm focuses on:

  • Commercial security system design
  • Builder and Home security systems
  • High rise system design

Our goal is to provide a thorough assessment of the project, build a lasting relationship with all of our customers, and provide the best service with the utmost integrity. In other words, it is our goal to make sure our clients never have to worry about security lapses that can lead to loss of property or worse.

Risk Assessment

Where are the vulnerabilities in your home or office? You may think there are none and you might be surprised when they are discovered. The only way to uncover these problems would be to have an experienced professional perform a thorough risk assessment. We can provide such a risk assessment and help you eliminate any problems that might exist.

A Unique Specialization

CCG also has a very unique area of specialized expertise. We help engineering and architectural firms integrate security systems into the planning stages of building.

Personalized Services

We do not prescribe to a one solution method. In other words, we will perform a custom job for each and every client. This allows us to ensure any security systems suggested will be ones tailored for your own individual situation and budget.

Computer and IT Network Security

Are you concerned about the safety and security of your computer network? CCG is also involved with IT and computer security. We likely can aid you in eliminating vulnerabilities that might be present in the system.

We Are There to Help You, Your Home and Your Business

If you simply want to review home security systems & companies you can do so on the suggested website. They do a good job giving you critical information you need to know prior to making a decision.

For more information and to talk with a consultant, please fill out our contact form and a member of our staff will be in touch in a timely fashion.

Do not delay any longer in keeping your home, business or computer system safe. Take the time out now to contact us so we can guide you to a more secure place.